La Semilla Automática begins to forge itself decades behind its creation. Its founders already worked as breeders for brands with international prestige, researching year over year with the interest of preserving and stabilizing high quality genetics.

With time we developed a wide catalogue with all kinds of seeds. Our autoflowering seeds are a great reference always at the vanguard. Our photodependant crossings are not left behind, contributing with quality, stability, morphology and beauty.

All our novelties are adapted and decided in base to the needs of our customers, of which we try to obtain the best version of themselves.

Our Image is almost all around the world and little by little with more importance. We always say that who tries us repeats, that’s why we hope to continue growing and evolving together with all the fans, and every time, in more places.

Not so long ago we started to participate in seed cups, in fact we only have been in one… But in the only one we participated we achieved a prize, we just say that…

So, summing up a bit, we aren’t only a seed bank, we are YOUR seed bank. We are here to help you, assist you and try to find solutions to all your needs.

High quality seeds with a more than reasonable price.

We are High Quality Seeds, We are La Semilla Automática.

Germination Quality

All our catalogue has been previously selected and tested by us. We perform continuous checkings to test that the germination of all our seeds are always over 9 of 10.

Genetic Quality

We’ve been researching our strains for years with the goal of preserving and stabilizing them. Our customers always will dispose of the best genetics at the market forefront.

Stock Quality

The storing of our seeds is very strict. Thanks to the continuous flow of goods and our fast shipping we achieve a constant seed traffic keeping them always fresh.

Selection Quality

All our varieties are examined by our experts. The seeds go through selection processes, cleaning and classification in individual and strict form. That’s how we can guarantee the exclusivity and control of every kind of seed.

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