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CROSSINGNorthern Lights x Big Bud x Ruderalis
VARIETY80% Índica – 20% Sativa
FLOWERINGDe 60 a 65 días.
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Bebé is the best! Since 2009 we have selected the best individuals of each generation. All our efforts were focused on perfecting and stabilising this type of variety to the maximum. These crosses have given us, without a doubt, one of the best autos on the market, the best of our bank. A homogeneous height of over one meter indoors, a great production of very hard and resinous flowers and a sweet fruity aroma.

In this cross we have chosen two of our best mothers, Northern Light and Big Bud.

We have crossed both with rudelaris genetics. Crossed for four generations separately selecting the best individuals that possessed auto gene, until we reached the perfect individual.


This plant is an ideal size for outdoor and indoor growing. Outdoors, the 1.50cm, and indoors can reach 1.20cm, all depending on the size of the container in which it is.

The plant has a perfect canopy, very symmetrical, where all the branches grow at the same height; they are usually tubular plants that are not excessively wide.

Bebé is an auto that produces large, dense buds covered with a sea of resin crystals from which emanates a very strong smell of sweet citrus fruits such as mandarin or pineapple. Comparable to Stracciatella Cream for its flavours and similarity in bud formation.

The plant, at the end of flowering, usually ends up with very showy purple buds. Since its flowering does not depend on the photoperiod, it can be grown outdoors at any time of the year, although its yields are better the better the environmental conditions.

A good method outdoors is to sow as soon as the good weather starts, and then sow again a few days before harvesting the first crop, so that we can have two or three good harvests a year.

Some growers make more harvests, although as there are usually worse environmental conditions, these harvests tend to be less productive.

If you want to know its genealogy you can visit SeedFinder

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