Black N’ Roses fem

CROSSINGBlack Domina x Rosenthal
VARIETY75% Índica – 25% Sativa
FLOWERINGDe 50 a 60 días

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Black N Roses fem is a cross that inherits the best qualities of its ancestors with even earlier flowering. A genetics producer of hard flowers and with a large amount of resin. Its flavour is characterised by fruity and acidic notes reminiscent of pineapple, mixed with woody and piney tones.

Black N Roses fem is a plant that develops with a lot of size and vigour, so we should not exceed its size when it comes to getting it to flower, as it can reach twice its size.

In outdoor cultivation it is more than advisable to guide it with stakes to avoid problems later when it reaches large sizes. Grown in direct soil and with good hours of light, we can obtain surprising yields. Black N Roses fem will give us high production thanks to her fearsome and compact buds. It is a perfect choice for commercial growers looking for maximum crop profitability.


Other features worth highlighting are the high amounts of resin it produces, which can even impregnate the leaves near the bud. If you are a lover of BHO and rosin extractions, this feminised cannabis seedes) strain is the one for you.


This strain has a strong sedative effect that is characteristic of Indica strains. Thanks to its balanced high, it puts the body and mind in a very pleasant state of calm and relaxation, but if you abuse it, you better have a seat nearby so you don’t fall on the ground.

A perfect strain to smoke at the end of the day, forget your problems and fall asleep. Similar in potency to our TERMINATOR.

Black N’ Roses is a cross between a Black Domina and Ed Rosenthal, a perfect cross of two of the most famous genetics. If you want to know more about her genetics, you can visit SeedFinder.


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