Critical Candy

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CROSSINGNorthern Lights x Critical+
VARIETY90% Índica – 10% Sativa
FLOWERINGDe 50 a 60 días
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Get ready for Critical Candy, this hybrid between Northern Lights and Critical+ is a feminized cannabis strain. Its buds break all the schemes. They are very big and will make your jaw drop, your lips turn into a big smile and your body relax completely. This much-loved 90% indica strain makes it perfectly clear that size does matter.


If you want a calm, relaxed and soothing state of mind, Critical Candy is just what you’re looking for. This indica bomb gives your whole body a deep relaxing high perfect for sleep. For daytime use, however, with Critical Candy you may be couch-locked all day, but it doesn’t turn your brain off. It would be like sitting on the porch all day and philosophising, or lazing around enjoying your playlist.

Medical Potential:

Critical Candy is widely praised for its ability to relieve pain. This is due in part to 18% THC. People suffering from chronic pain, migraines and many other debilitating painful conditions use this plant for its pain relieving power throughout the body. Stress and anxiety are its speciality too, especially for that tension that manifests itself in the body through back pain, neck cramps, tense shoulders and similar symptoms. It is definitely a favourite of growers who make edibles and medicinal creams.

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