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Hemp seeds are not controlled by the single 1961 Convention on Narcotic Drugs, amended by the 1972 Protocol, ratified by the Spanish State, which provides for the control of the tops, flowering or bearing fruit, of the cannabis plant, as well as such as resin obtained from the cannabis plant, but expressly excludes seeds. The seeds are excluded from the legal concept of cannabis and are not included in its Annex Lists. Said Convention, in its art. 28, establishes that: “this Convention shall not apply to the cultivation of the cannabis plant exclusively intended for industrial (fiber and seeds) or horticultural purposes”.

In Spain, the sale of seeds is not a crime if its cultivation is not intended for trafficking. La Semilla Automática S.L only sells cannabis seeds for study or collecting, and in no case to favor, facilitate or promote consumption, regardless of whether or not the country of the purchaser allows such consumption.

National laws applicable to hemp seeds vary from country to country. In some, the simple possession of hemp seeds can be punished with custodial sentences. For this reason, it is the user’s duty to inform himself about the local laws in force. The purchase of these products from those countries where the possession of marijuana seeds is legally prohibited, such as the USA, Australia or Germany is prohibited.

We ship our seeds on the condition that they are not used by third parties illegally. LA SEMILLA AUTOMATICA S.L. it is not intended to induce anyone to act against the law. We expressly point out that anyone who purchases our seeds is responsible for their future acts and we will not have any responsibility for possible legal problems that may arise, and will not make refunds for materials seized or rejected by customs in the line of duty.

The descriptions of the products for sale on this website come from catalogs and specialized books published

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